Frigorífico de Osorno S.A., is a slaughter house, with more than 70 years in the deboning  and processing of meat from the X and XI region of Chile. Frigosorno began its activities in June 1945. Later, in 1978 is acquired by Feria Osorno S.A Group Feria Osorno S.A.., which today is owned by more than four hundred shareholders.

FRIGOSORNO sell all products and by-products which are obtained from the cattle. And has developed high biosafety policies, animal welfare, traceability, programs of microbiological evaluation, with certification "Analysis of Risk and Critical Control Points" HACCP.
Privileged location and geography, located in the middle of the livestock heart of Chile in Osorno,and  with a privileged weather  with great prairies favor the condition for the rearing of livestock, generating products of high quality and safety.